Curriculum Vitae | English

Douglas Duarte
Journalist and filmmaker
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

32 year-old journalist and filmmaker, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Worked as a reporter for two of his country’s national dailies, Jornal do Brasil and O Globo, and freelances to Folha de São Paulo newspaper and to magazines such as NoMínimo.com, Trip, Piauí and Gatopardo. Worked extensively as a producer, editor, writer and director for Japanese network NHK, the BBC and the United Nations TV. He is the director, together with Colombian filmmaker Adriana Mariño, of Personal Che, a documentary shot in ten countries about the myth of Che Guevara, commercially released in 2008. Journalism and filmmaking have taken him to more than 20 countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Professional experience

The Pill | screenwriter, producer
Still in pre-production, the script for this science fiction project was one of 12 selected to the prestigious Script Station of the Berlin Film Festival.

Personal Che | director
Director, producer and screenwriter of the feature-length documentary about the many visions of Che Guevara's myth. Filmed in 10 countries in three continents, the film was selected to festivals in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, US and Europe, and was commercially released in Brazil to critical acclain. (www.personalche.com)

Folha de São Paulo | freelancer
As a correspondent based in Mexico City (www.folha.com.br)

Piauí | freelancer
Fortnight collaborator of the biggest narrative journalism magazine in Brazil (www.revistapiaui.com.br).

Gatopardo | freelancer
Stories to the most awarded New Journalism magazine of the Spanish-speaking world (www.gatopardo.com).

O Globo | 2005-2006
Reporter and assistant editor of the weekly literary suplement Prosa e Verso (oglobo.globo.com/blogs/prosa), in charge of reports, reviews and articles about the Brazilian and international writing world. Fortnight stories for the International section. Reviews about authors as Sydney Sheldon, Patrick Wilken, Paulo Coelho, Michael Herr and Osama bin Laden.

Trip | freelancer
Freelance reporter for one of the most awarded magazines in Brazil for culture, style, adventure and traveling (www.revistatrip.com.br).

NoMínimo.com | freelancer
Fortnight reports for the website of journalism and comment. Interviewed and profiled Bolivian president Evo Morales, among other stories.

NHK | 2003-2005
Producer of around a hundred stories for the Latin American bureau of the Japanese TV network (www.nhk.or.jp/english). Produced and directed reports in Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Perú, Venezuela, México and Haití. Personal interviews with presidents Hugo Chávez, Ricardo Lagos and Luis Inácio “Lula” da Silva.

BBC | 2004
Producer of the special series Brazil Now with correspondent Nick Ravenscroft (news.bbc.co.uk). Stories ranged from the Zero Hunger social program to the steel market and issues like drug trafficking, violence and social inequality in the country.

Jornal do Brasil | 2000-2002
Reporter and assistant editor of the foreign desk (www.jb.com.br), specialized in strategy, Middle East and Latin america. Covered presidential elections in Germany and Poland, helped coordinate the coverage of the September 11th attacks and was sent to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon right before the invasion of Irak, 2002.

Academic experience

Screenwriting | 2009
Selected to the prestigious Script Station of the Berlin Film Festival's Talent Campus, with the first draft of the sci-fi script titled "The Pill".

Screenwriting | 2007
One of the selected for the Screenwriting workshop headed by Orlando Senna – teacher at the Escuela de Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano (Cuba), partner of Gabriel García Márquez in Oedipus Mayor and director of Brazilian classics such as Iracema, uma transa amazônica.

Executive production for TV and Film | 2004
MBA by Fundação Getúlio Vargas (www.fgv.br) in direction, production and legal framework for support of cinema in Brazil and Latin America.

Journalism | 1998
Graduated in 1998 at Faculdades Integradas Helio Alonso, Rio de Janeiro (www.facha.edu.br).

Trainee | 1996-1999
At Veredas, now defunct magazine for the Bank of Brazil Cultural Centre (www.bb.com.br/cultura), and at the international communication department of Brazilian state oil company Petrobras (www.petrobras.com).

Native Portuguese
Fluent English, Brazil-US Institute, Rio de Janeiro
Advanced Spanish, Cervantes Institute, Rio de Janeiro

Macintosh/Windows, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro.

douglas.duarte (skype)
55 21 2205 1795 (home)
55 21 8858 1795 (cell)